Neues zum Pariser Albertismus des frühen 15. Jahrhunderts

Mario Meliadò, Silvia Negri

“Neues zum Pariser Albertismus des frühen 15. Jahrhunderts. Der Magister Lambertus de Monte und die Handschrift Brussel, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, ms. 760”, Bulletin de philosophie médiévale, 53, 2011, S. 349-384.


Past and recent historiography on the fifteenth-century Wegestreit described early Parisian Albertism as an intellectual trend internal to the Arts Faculty and almost exclusively identified with the figure of Johannes de Nova Domo. Although historical documents hinted at the existence of a more established school, no further evidence could be provided. In this contribution we focus on the manuscript Brussel, Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België, ms. 760, which contains a commentary to the Sentences given at Paris by Lambertus de Monte, albertista magnus, around 1423. This previously unnoticed source turns out to be the first important witness of the presence of Albertism in the Faculty of Theology at Paris, and testifies to a significant reception and development of the ideas of Johannes de Nova Domo. Moreover, the manuscript evinces an interesting constellation of marginalia, some of which bear traces of unknown works of the Albertist Heymericus de Campo. The article aims to present the source from a textual and material perspective, insofar as it investigates also some peculiar aspects of the history of the manuscript. The codex came from the Augustinian Canons’ Convent of Korsendonk, where it was partially copied, as we discovered, by the erudite Johannes de Meehrout.

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